The Man With No Time Skin Deep The Bone Polisher Pulped Incinerator Everything But the Squeal Four Last Things

Resurrection Time!

Between 1990 and 1995, I wrote six Los Angeles mysteries featuring an overeducated private eye named Simeon Grist. The first of them to be completed, Skin Deep, was only the third novel I'd ever written, and the first two were awful, so it's something of a miracle that Skin Deep turned out as well as it did. About ten days after I gave it to my agent, I had a three-book contract.

The publishers bought, eventually, three more Simeon Grist books and then gave up and let Simeon toddle off to the limbo where series heroes go when they're dropped.

And there he’s stayed, until I realized that “limbo” was a real place and that he was stuck there—aware for the first time that he’s fictional, that the adventures he remembers so vividly were written by somebody else, so he can’t even take credit for them. It’s enough to make a detective spend serious time with his gun.

And that’s where the first new Simeon since 1995, PULPED, begins.

Here’s the actual order of the Simeon Grist novels:

  • Skin Deep
  • The Four Last Things
  • Everything but the Squeal
  • Incinerator
  • The Man With No Time
  • The Bone Polisher
  • Pulped

These books were produced for e-book distribution by Kimberly Hitchens and the covers were designed by Allen Chiu. The PULPED cover is by James Egan at