Street Music Fools'  River The Hot Countries For the Dead The Fear Artist Breathing Water TheFourth Watcher A Nail Through the Heart The Queen of Patpong

When travel writer Poke Rafferty arrived in Thailand, his life changed forever.

Now married to the former “queen” of the Patpong bars, Rose, with whom he’s adopted a daughter off the sidewalks, Miaow, Rafferty finds family life in Bangkok to be more of an adventure than rough travel ever was. 

Although the books are thrillers, they’re also the continuing story of a hand-made family trying to stay together against all the odds. At this point, Miaow and Rose have as many fans as Poke does.

The series has been nominated for multiple awards, has been on numerous Ten Best lists, and is translated into several languages.

Here’s the order of the Poke Rafferty thrillers:

  • A Nail Through the Heart
  • The Fourth Watcher
  • Breathing Water
  • The Queen of Patpong
  • The Fear Artist
  • For the Dead
  • The Hot Countries
  • Fools’ River
  • Night Music

Play Rose's theme music by Emmy-award-winning composer Stephen Cohn